Got a Car That Won’t Pass Smog Tests? Here’s What You Need to Do

What Is A Smog Test?

Why Is Smog Test Important?

How To Pass Smog Test?

Clear You Check Engine Light.

Go For An Oil Change.

Go For A Tune-Up.

Get A Pre-Inspection.

Check Coolants, Gas tanks, and Tires.

If you fail your smog test.

Before you take your car for a smog test, make sure your vehicle is working well in the first place. A well-maintained vehicle is more likely to pass the smog test.

With growing air pollution, smog tests have become law in many states. In fact, 36 out of 50 of them, including California and DC, have stated smog test a requirement when it comes to emission control.

This law reduced pollution in the country, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been the main contributor.

What Is A Smog Test?

Smog test, Emission check, and Smog check all refer to the testing of the car and its engine emission by a licensed smog testing facility. The Smog Test is required for vehicles more than eight model-years old.

As your vehicle consumes gasoline or diesel, it passes toxic chemicals through its tailpipe. The technician will place an emission tester in the tailpipe to find out the level of smog.

You might consider this easy, but a lot of vehicles have failed this test. In California alone, over 10% of the 11 million vehicles tested failed the test. On top of this, the average smog test cost ranges from $30 to $90. So, if you keep failing the test, you keep paying the price.

Why Is Smog Test Important?

Owning a car in this life has become a necessity. In 2018, the car registrations were 279.1 million in America. The chemical compounds released in the air affected millions of people and have resulted in 40,000 death all over the country.

If your car is old and giving you too much trouble, one way is to sell your junk car. We all know the expenses attached to an old vehicle. So, it's better to choose a reliable service that would make this process easier for you.

Cash4hweelz believes in a fair transaction that would help you sell your car in less than 48-hours. With our availability in more than 100 locations, we come to your pickup location for your junk vehicle removal and pay you right there.

How To Pass Smog Test?

Although there are many risks attached to passing a smog test, if you follow the below step first, next time, you won't have to search on google, Smog test near me.

Clear You Check Engine Light

If you "Check Engine" light is on, that means a smog test failure. When you go for a smog check, make sure to get the check engine light fixed or removed before you visit the test facility.

Nowadays, many repair mechanics offer free Check Engine Light Check, which examines the malfunction in your car.

Go For An Oil Change

Dirty oil contains harmful chemicals that would lead to a smog test failure. Moreover, this contributes to environmental pollution.

The best thing to do is get your car filled up with fresh oil and ask the mechanic to do a thorough inspection to catch any other impairment that would lead to failure.

Go For A Tune-Up

A full tune-up service ensures that the car is in its best condition.  During the process, the mechanic disconnects the battery that resets the car's computer, so you'll drive at least 100-200 miles before the emission check. So, make sure you go for a tune-up at half a month before the test.

Get A Pre-Inspection

The best way to know whether your car will pass or fail a test is to get a pre-inspection. Many smog-test facilities offer a less expensive test that involves all the steps in an official smog test. If you get a pre-inspection done months before, then you'll have time to fix before the actual test.

Check Coolants, Gas tanks and Tires

Fill up coolants and gas tanks

Make sure you fill-up the coolant and gas tank when you go to the official test. A part of the smog test is running the engine at high speed while the car is stationary, leading to less air flowing through the radiator to cool it. Therefore, a low gas level could expose the fuel pump and let vapor into the fuel line causing total car failure.

Inflate Tires

Under-inflated tires cause weight on your car, hence placing more pressure on your vehicle's engine. The increased pressure makes the engine work harder, which results in more emissions. So, make sure the tires are Inflated.

If you fail your smog test

If you fail your smog test once, then make sure you follow the guidelines or ask the mechanic to do a proper inspection to determine the real problem.

However, what should you do if you keep failing your smog test? That would likely mean you have an old car that requires more repairs than you paid for it.

In this case, rather than paying a lot of money, we provide you an option to junk a car.

Cash4wheelz provides free junk vehicle removal service for old junk cars that not only will save you from paying for repairs but also from the smog test that you are likely to fail.

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