What Should You Do with Your Junk Car?

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How to Junk a car: 5 Steps guide. 2

Remove Personal Belongings. 2

Sell the Valuable Parts. 2

Remove License Plates. 2

Choose a trusted junk car buyer. 3

Remove Or Use Up Your Gasoline. 3

Make The Most Money By Selling Your Junk Car. 3

It had its glorious days, but now the time has come.

The car that would barely get you around is now sat in your garage, gathering dust.

The best outcome for a vehicle who has given you all is to junk it. Why? You'll get some ready cash, and the car won't be your problem anymore.

Of course, you would've estimated a price that you are willing to accept. However, do you know there are a lot of tricksters who would pay a lower price than its worth? So, how do you find a reliable service for selling a junk car? And even if you consider selling it, who would want your scrap?

Don't worry, Cash4wheelz is always ready to get the burden off your shoulder. We are an authorized service that not only offers the best price, but free junk cars pick up service.


How to Junk a car: 5 Steps guide.


1.      Remove Personal Belongings

Let's face it, each one of us treat our cars like houses. We eat in our car, we drive it to work, we take it on vacation, and we visit our friends and relatives.

Commonly, we leave our valuables in the car like snacks, documents, mobile phones, and much more.

Before you junk your car, it is your responsibility to check every place like the glove compartment, door pocket, under the floor mat area to see if you have left anything. It's not the junkyard or tow truck's responsibility to check for your things or return these. Once the car is gone, your stuff will be gone as well, so try not to leave anything behind.


2.      Sell the Valuable Parts

It is essential to turn your vehicle over to the salvage company in the same condition that you described. Make sure that you leave all the parts that you included in your quoted estimate.

However, if the value you are getting for selling a junk car doesn't defer much from its scrap value, a wise approach would be to remove valuable parts for resale.

A few ideas are:

  • If your car expensive tires with a lot of treads left, replace them with balding tires on cheap rims.
  • Your new battery has resale value, and a lot of people will pay for the lead inside it even if the car is old.
  • You can remove and sell your GPS and stereo as well.

A person needs to be skilled enough to know how to remove and sell these things.

3.      Remove License Plates

Before you sell your junk car, you need to remove the license plate and cancel your insurance.

Removing the license plate is crucial in several states when transferring your ownership. Moreover, the DMV is likely to ask for your car's plate when you call to get your title removed.

You can still sell your car without a title, but the transaction is a lot smoother if you have your title. The scrapyard will ask for your title to verify that you are the owner of the car.

4.      Choose a trusted junk car buyer

No matter what the condition of your old car is, avoid selling it to the first dealer!

Dealers will always try to acquire your car with the lowest possible price due to this reason, consult multiple buyers before you decide.

Gather as much information as possible, since dealers and salvage yards will want to know the damage before asking for a price. All the necessary information will grant you an edge with negotiating the price as you'll have a rough estimate in mind.

If you want to avoid visiting multiple dealers and yards and want to acquire one trusted buyer, visit

We not only provide the best price in the market but also offer free junk car pickup service.

No extra charges and no comparison, we offer you a fair deal!

5.      Remove Or Use Up Your Gasoline

Selling a junk car is the best decision, but you need to remove the fluids from your vehicle, this includes gasoline.

If your vehicle is still running, you will want to use up the gasoline before you sell it to the junkyard.

If your car is not running, use a container and siphon pump to drain the gas tank safely. Be careful when you siphon gasoline as multiple dangers are attached if used carelessly.

Make The Most Money By Selling Your Junk Car

The agents at Cash4wheelz will work with you and provide you the best return for your junk car. We aim to take the stress out of your day and help you sell your vehicle within 2 days.

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